Frequently Asked Questions

Why Handwriting?

Handwriting is "frozen emotions" because the writing will forever represent the person's thoughts, feelings, and situation from that moment captured on paper. People save letters for that reason, sometimes without knowing why. It is a piece of someone's heart and soul that cannot be thrown away. One of the biggest factors of handwriting analysis is that a true representation of a person’s personality will be reflected in the sample when it is written, in the moment.  A handwriting analysis is a portrait of the writer in that space and energy.

What's a good sample?

I can get the most from your sample if it is: 
-written on unlined paper (such as simple computer paper)
-in ballpoint pen 
-in cursive handwriting (to which many people say, “I don’t remember/know how to write in cursive!” to which I say, do the best you can - I am not judging your handwriting. It is important for me to see how letters connect)

In your sample, please write 1-3 paragraphs, and try to write to the bottom of the page. Write a letter to someone - a friend, yourself, even to me. The content does not matter (I don’t read the words), but the writing should be from you, not something copied from another source. 

What can you find out from my handwriting?

Handwriting Analysis is a science and an art. Most people do not understand the power of the brain's ability to show what is going on deeper in a person's core through handwriting. Handwriting Analysts or Graphologists, which is what we are called globally, see things in writing in the moment a sample of handwriting is created. If there is pain in the body, a change in mental status, a physical illness, blockage in the heart or brain, or any symptom that the body internalizes or is felt, the brain can bring that awareness to the graphologist via the handwriting sample. For example, in a person with headache pain, the point in the l’s of the handwriting, in the upper zone of the sample, signify where in the brain the pain is originating. Because the handwriting sample is a mirrored reflection of the body, points on the right side show pain on the left side of the body.

Can you predict my future?

There is no way of predicting the future based on a sample of handwriting. I am able to see a person’s energy and the handwriting sample is filled with scientific indicators or traits that pinpoint exact parts of the person’s total picture of self, a portrait in a sense. I am able to infer a bigger picture scale of a person’s self through the writing in all of it’s wholeness. 

What are your qualifications?

I am a Graduate Handwriting Analyst, and I graduated in 1989 from Felician College, Lodi, NJ. I also hold a master degree in Community Counseling Psychology, and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. 

Is Handwriting Analysis Popular?

Handwriting Analysis is not as popular in America as it is in other countries, like Europe. There are people who will ask for a handwriting sample before agreeing to rent an apartment, for example.
People tend to feel it is a psychic art, which it truly is not. It can be used for career assessment, as part of a medical assessment, in forensic work, which is more commonly used throughout the country, and of course personality assessment. Some people also use it for compatibility, but because of ethics, there is a fine line regarding giving people information that may or may not help them in their relationship.