Workshop Presentation: “Empowering Our Voice Through Journaling and Art: Finding Our Most Intimate Self.”

In this workshop, participants will learn to use the symbolic tools that handwriting and art can provide in creating a more personal and meaningful relationship with oneself. The presenter will uncover interesting and scientific facts about journaling, as an important activity that helps each of us uncover our thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Writing brings quiet to the mind and and is the dialogue we all need to share with our truest and most intimate selves. Art is another important activity that involves the creative mind. It allows us to attain calm and balance when we are stressed and preoccupied. 

Journaling and art give each of us an opportunity to hear our voice at its’ deepest and truest level. It is the voice that awakens and challenges us in our becoming. Jo’s goal is to awaken the author in every participant, and create the steps in writing, manifesting, and creating your own personal story. 

Workshop Presentation:  “Handwriting Analysis: Looking into Our Intimate and Profound Self.”

Handwriting Analysis is both a science and an art. It links the hand which isthe writing instrument, to the brain, and is the access to personality and all its’ unique intricacies.

In this worksop, participants will learn more about this fascinating science and will have the opportunity to experience a one on one reading which will be empowering and life changing. Jo’s goal in every meeting is to introduce the more intimate and sacred part of the inner personality, which is alive and expansive in every sample of handwriting. 

Workshop Presentation: “The Sacredness of the Mandala: Analyzing the Intimate Arena of the Soul through Art and Expressive Language.”

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create and have interpreted their unique mandala, with information and instruction on this specific art form and healing modality. Mandala art unleashes a sacred core of healing about self, and it aids in feeling more connected to life that is all around us. The mandala signifies the wholeness of self.

The goal of this workshop is to give participants another symbolic tool in understanding their intimate inner workings of mind and emotions. Mandala art is a sacred space that represents both our desires for outer wholeness and a longing for inner peace. Join us for an interactive experience, which can be used to provide personal insight to yourself or as an exercise to help others on a path to healing.