Jo Coppola is a Certified Graphologist and holds a full Certification in Handwriting Analysis and Document Examination.  She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and holds a Master's degree in Psychology. Jo has been practicing Handwriting Analysis for twenty nine years and has taught and presented lectures for colleges and universities, high school classes, employee workshops, and health fairs throughout New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. She is a member of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) as well as the American Association of Handwriting Analysis (AAHA). 

Jo began learning Handwriting Analysis in 1986 while working as a Certified Alcohol Counselor in Paterson, New Jersey. Incorporating handwriting analysis into her work with recovering heroin addicts opened a door for learning more about their personalities in ways she could not have imagined. Learning how significant each person's identity is has helped Jo recognize their essence in a deeper, more profound way. "I account my skill to looking into a person's soul, their essence, their truest identity, their positive attributes that run rampant all across the page…"My desire is to bring to each person their unique light, so that they can continue to tend to it, like a gardener tends to a garden."


Handwriting Analysis is a pure science in the sense that it links hand with brain, thoughts with emotions, heart with soul. Jo believes in its power of healing, cleansing, and the ability to tell one's story. The benefits of knowing oneself so intimately is not something taught in school, but a gift that you carry for a lifetime. Through her readings, Jo hopes to empower you, revealing your strengths and weaknesses, physical illness, or  any symptom that the body internalizes so that you may become a more effective at listening to your own vibrational self, and become the true author in your life story.

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