Individual Handwriting Reading

Individual readings with Jo can be done in person or by arranging a Skype call. 

If you wish to arrange a FaceTime session, you can attach a handwritten sample, on unlined paper and in pen to Jo. At that point, a reading will be scheduled. Readings are generally one hour in duration. Further questions will be answered by contacting Jo.

Please note, if you are planning to give Jo's services as a gift, she needs the consent of the person whose handwriting is being read. It is unethical and against Jo's values to read someone's handwriting unless they are a willing participant. Please contact Jo if you are considering gifting an analysis at 

My handwriting analysis with Jo was an influential experience that left me with guidance and insights that would be relevant for years to come. The scope of her revelations seemed to be far outside the domain of what handwriting should be able to show; to me it was pure magic. She wove together an accurate vision of my past and present, and gave me a quick glimpse of what I had to look forward to in life. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone, especially if they are at a crossroads in life.
— Trevor, Bennington College student