“The mandala is the path to the centre, to individuation. It signifies the wholeness of Self”.  -Carl Gustav Jung


Mandalas are simple, efficient and unique to each personality. They provide insight and discovery, connecting us each to one other and all life in the universe. They represent the sun, the moon, the planets, the circle of life, and every living organism. Rules do not apply to this form of art! Mandalas focus on intention in the process of creation. The intention can simply mean a desire to learn more about oneself, much like the handwriting analysis process. An intention is sacred to each person, and this is where the sacredness of creating the mandala becomes expressed in transformation, self discovery, and ultimately, healing.

Artist Peter Patrick Barreda believes, “when a person is drawing a mandala, his or her impression of the outside world shows up in the structure of the mandala, while the inner workings of the psyche are revealed in the content”.  It is a  sacred space that represents both our desire for outer wholeness and our longing for inner peace. 

“Creation is an unpremeditated expression of feeling and intuition.”.Anneka Huyser, “Mandala Workbook for Inner Self-Discovery”

 Mandala art unleashes a sacred core of healing power that addresses the understanding of the subconscious mind’s need to feel right about self, and to feel connected to life that is all around us. Like Handwriting Analysis, both the right and left brain work together as the expression of feelings and emotions and all that is held creatively pours forth on the empty circle of the mandala. The mandala is an activity that guides the intuitive process. Jo believes after creating a mandala, a person is able to see the drawing as a personal dialogue with themselves. Adding personal writing to the mandala will add insight and clarity to the creative process of self-discovery. 

 Art is always an expression of the inner workings of the human personality. When explained, mandala art can be useful to guide a person to expose the trappings that people often find themselves in, stuck in holding patterns that do not compliment the inner work they desire: to explore, uncover, move forward, connect, and heal. Mandala art is for the heart and soul. Through images and symbols, mandalas tap into our imaginations to uncover our inner selves, which are are, our  most sacred part of being.  


Mandala analysis is a wonderful way to start the New Year. It is an intimate self expression of the inner self, the self that connects the right brain with the heart. Jo offers mandala art analysis to people interested in feedback regarding the creative process of filling a sacred self circle of whole expressiveness. Contact Jo at: voyageofthepen@gmail.com for more information regarding a mandala reading.