Private  Events & Parties

“I have to admit that I attended Josephine’s handwriting analysis program with some degree of skepticism.  When she began to analyze my handwriting, however, I was incredulous. Josephine’s analysis was amazingly perceptive.  Having never met her before, it was as if she knew me better than most of my friends. This caused me to seriously think about what I was doing and what I wanted to do in the future. Thank you Josephine.”

— Bryan, a Union College student

Booking Jo for your event or party includes a twenty minute introduction to the art of handwriting analysis, including what an analyst looks for and can find from handwriting. Jo will then individually (and privately, if preferred) give each guest a 30-minute analysis. 

The cost is based on up to twelve guests (twelve analyses) plus travel expenses. Contact Jo to discuss pricing. 

If you are interested in booking Jo, please write to her at with dates/times that you request. Jo will do her best to accommodate your request. Please have at least three dates that  may work for you. Guests will do a handwriting sample at the time of the event.