Professional Development 

I met Jo in 2009 and was in the wonderful position of booking her appointments for her remarkable gift of telling people about themselves by looking at their handwriting! Because of Jo’s vibrant personality and her amazing accuracy ( because she did mine (!) and many other staff members ) it was a pleasure to connect her with people she had never met and see how she touched them by showing them aspects of their lives that were not only true but in many cases life changing. She also shared her knowledge and helped us all understand ourselves better. She is a gift to the world and it was evident when people would return after a session with Jo thanking me for introducing her ......and I know for a fact that many have stayed in touch with her for years because she is such a gentle loving and caring soul. She is one of my teachers and I’m proud she’s my friend. 
— Jane Caplanides

Jo's Professional Development workshops are a great way of empowering your team, helping each member to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses so they can better work as a unit. Topics include:

  • Handwriting Analysis as a Tool for Self-Discovery
  • The Psychology of Handwriting:  A Personality Tool for Today’s Business World
  • The Spiritual Side of Handwriting Analysis: A Path to Self-Intimacy
  • Journaling and Art Expression: Creating Our Unique Inner World of Self
  • Journaling to the Unknown World Within: The Blank Canvas of Self
  • “The Sacredness of the Mandala: Analyzing the Intimate Arena of the Soul Through Art and Expressive Language.”

The workshop is divided into two parts: presentation and individual readings. The presentation can last 1-3 hours with the readings happening either during the second half of the day or the following day if it is a 2-day workshop.

If you are interested in any of the workshops listed, please contact Jo at

Participants will have the opportunity to have a short analysis after the workshop, and will be added to the time allotted for the presentation.