“I have to admit that I attended Josephine’s handwriting analysis program with some degree of skepticism.  When she began to analyze my handwriting, however, I was incredulous. Josephine’s analysis was amazingly perceptive.  Having never met her before, it was as if she knew me better than most of my friends. This caused me to seriously think about what I was doing and what I wanted to do in the future. Thank you Josephine.”
-Bryan, a Union College student

“The analysis was awesome.  I have read it a few times and wonder how you can tell by my writing what my life is like????   It was so on target.  I do know my life is crazy busy and I don’t make time for myself.  I realized from your analysis that I need to take the time to meditate everyday to keep myself in the “zone” I want to live in everyday being peacefulness, kindness, positivity and happiness.”
-Kim, an Omega Institute Attendee

"Jo Coppola has an aire about her that makes you feel as though she's on your side and she's willing to understand."
-Ethel, a Bennington College student

"I met Jo in September of 2006 and had no idea of the impact she would have and how she would change the lives of everyone she met. The combination of Jo's handwriting analysis and her LMHC is more powerful than words can express. She engaged everyone she met. In May 2007 a peer in my daughter’s class drove drunk after a prom party and crashed claiming the life of his friend. This started the AWARENESS alcohol program which soon expanded to a Substance Education Program. Jo has been the consultant for youth sent to the program by Ulster County Magistrates. Through her Handwriting Analysis, Jo can detect things as serious as health problems and what she has been able to do with youth and addiction is astounding.It is an honor to work with such an amazing professional who also has compassion for everyone she meets."

-Marie Shultis